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Hi, My names Zoe Clare, or "Angelenix". I'm a cool kid with weird hair. Im currently 18, and studying a Diploma in Illustration at Chisholm Frankston. I live in Victoria, Australia, and I'm quite creative. I made this page for all those who want to tune into my work, or commission me.

Chuck this code somewhere on your profile/website, and I'll do the same. Just send me a link to your banner :)
December 25th

If anybody cares

Ive moved to angelenix.tumblr.com
Its a second tumblr, so i cannot follow back. (Although i can follow people on my personal tumblr, and i will follow anyone who follows my art blog with my personal account.).

This Tumblr is going to waste because the only reason i have followers is because i do “follow for follow”, which means everyone following me probably cant see my work amoungst the 10000000 other people they are following.
Plus its easier to manage a second tumblr, instead of logging in and out all the damn time, so i might as well.

Ill keep this tumblr up, simply because some original posts are on here.
just thought id let you guys know, just in case anybody does tune in to my work here :)

If you squint your eyes, and zoom out a little, this may actually look good :)Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.

If you squint your eyes, and zoom out a little, this may actually look good :)

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts.


Watch me be arty :)


Im drawing Aqua from kh

December 12th

Manifest Leftovers

I didnt sell everything at Manifest this year. So I’ll be selling almsot everything for half price!
If you buy anything over $5 I will also include a free bookmark or your choice :D However, these prices do not include postage and handling, local pick-ups are fine.

Cat ears, Pink insides, are $6 each
Cat ears, fluffy insides and outsides, are $8 each.
And an extra $4 if you want them hotglued to a headband :)

are .50c each, or $1 laminated :)

A3 posters are all $5 each (and i can print off more Sailor Moon prints and Tuxedo & Moon prints for an extra dollar)
A4 prints are all $2.50 each :)
Be aware that all these prices are in AUD I accept money through bank deposit, paypal, and cash (be aware of the risks of sending cash through the mail though!)

Message me, email me, note me, etc for more info!

December 11th

Commissions Open!

Hey guys.
Me and my boyfriend are currently saving up for a road trip, but we’re lacking the money to do so!
So I’m opening up commissions again. These commissions will really help me out, so please take a moment to check out my prices and illustrations, or reblog this to pass on the word (:

Chibi Digitally Coloured:

• Portrait - $4
• Full body- $8

Detailed Sketch/lineart

• Headshot / Bust-up - $6 
• Waist-up - $9
• Full body- $12

Digitally coloured:

• Headshot / Bust-up - $15
• Waist up - $20
• Full body - $25
• With BG - extra $ 15 - 20 (depends on details)


• Reference to character:
• E-mail: (your PayPal email):
• Style (Lineart/Colour):
• Length: (headshot/waist-up/full body)
• Background (y/n):
• Link for reference from my gallery: (picking up the style you want from my gallery)*
• Details you want emphasized(eg size, bg detail, desc of character):*
(copy and paste into email, message, ask, note, etc)


Mode of payment must be in AUD. I accept paypal only. If you don’t have paypal, we can work something out. The illustration will only be made once payment is accepted. There are currently no deadlines unless asked, which may cost a little more.

Email: { lala_vampires@hotmail.com}